What is coServ?

coServ is a light weight web framework implemented in node.js. With less than 2 kloc, it supports the MVC paradigm, a convenient page layout scheme, a very versatile template engine, multi-lingual page generation, a SASS like CSS pre-processor, and more. It is intended to bring a friendly web development environment to node developers.

coServ does not try to tweak CSS or Javascript. It does not invent a whole new system for you to digest before you can do anything. There are no new syntex to learn, though coServ may ask you to think of web applications in a different way. By thinking differently, web development can be much easier and more interesting.

Why coServ?

Page Layout

Page layout can be much simpler and more flexible than web themes. Try it and see how much time can be saved.

Blocks and Regions

Helping developers to focus on smaller areas by decomposing pages into smaller regions and blocks.

Template Engine

A EJS-like template to dynamically generate not just HTML, but also Javascript and CSS!


Developers can fully customize their web apps by writing their own node.js codes.

API Integration

coServ is fully intergrated with the COIMOTION API services. Developers need not to work with DB anymore.

Multi-Lingual Support

coServ supports language resource bundles, so multi-lingual support can be done by a single HTML file.

They All Built on coServ