A web framework for better DX

Nothing to learn, just coding

A framework is to help developers get their jobs done. It's important to enpower developers and help them to spend most time on coding rather than on harnessing the platform itself. HTML, CSS and Javascript are the only things you need to develop web apps on coServ. Use node.js modules to render web pages, and you have nothing more to learn.

Componentize & refactor HTML rendering

To get a perfect page layout, it's commmon to put layers and layers of <div> tags in your HTML codes. Many of those layers of tags may repeat themselves in different pages, but you're helplessly taking the pain to repeat them... coServ can not only componentize HTML, but also offer many tools to encourage you to refactor HTML rendering.

Automatic CSS encapsulation

coServ does not just encourage you to componentize HTML, it also performs CSS encapsulation for you. Better yet, CSS encapsulation on coServ is automatic. That is, you don't have to do anything fancy to prevent CSS decorations from applicable everywhere. coServ will make sure your CSS decoration for a component won't running wild to contaminate other components.

Embrace the ecosystem

coServ basically works with all the amazing Javascrip libraries (or modules) and CSS frameworks available from the web development ecosystem as long as they're not strongly opinionated. Most of the time, you don't have to tweak or even rewrite those wonderful projects to work on coServ. With coServ, you can enjoy the abundant resources in the ecosystem.